Exam Results

University beckons
as Wimbledon High Students make the grade

Students at Wimbledon High School are today celebrating excellent A level results, with the majority getting into their first choice of university.

An impressive 85.5% of grades were B or above; 15% of results were A* grades and 35% were A grades. The pass rate was once again 100% and 25% of the year group were awarded three or more A* or A grades.


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Heather Hanbury, Headmistress of Wimbledon High School said:

“It is lovely to see the look of relief and happiness on so many girls’ faces. I’m delighted that the vast majority of them have got into their first choice of university, where I know they will continue to make their mark. These students have given so much to the school and I wish them all the very best for the future.”

“We know that the period of grade inflation is well and truly over and we’ve entered a period of more realistic grades. This makes the girls’ achievements even more significant.”

In addition to following the normal university route, one student is off to the Slade to study fine art, one has chosen a prestigious internship and another has opted for midwifery.

  Students at Wimbledon High School celebrating excellent A level results

Year 13 A Level Results

 Subject Number Entered A* A B C D E Total
A* - E
Art 12       12
Biology 18 18 
Chemistry 20 20 
Design Technology 6      
Drama and Theatre Studies 5      
Economics 12     12 
English Literature 23 10      23 
French 5      
Geography 8        
German 4      
Greek - Classical 1          
History 13       13 
Latin 2        
Maths 35 18      35 
Maths - Further 8    
Physics 22 22 
Psychology 9      
RS 17   10        17 
Spanish 7       7

 This table shows the results as at 14 August 2014.

Points / Subject












Points / Candidate